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EKKO - CD Microplate Reader

CD well plate reader for High Throughput Screening


The EKKO™ CD microplate reader is the first well plate reader  designed for circular dichroism measurements. It introduces a new fast  and economic tool to meet today’s advanced pharmacopeia requirements.  The EKKO™  operates like other well plate readers already on the market  for absorbance and fluorescence. By eliminating the need to transfer  samples to a cuvette, users significantly reduce the amount of time  spent running large numbers of samples. The EKKO™ reads 96 well plates  standard,  and can accommodate 384 well plates as an option. The  EKKO™can read 96 wells in less than two minutes. Thousands of  measurements are possible per day, making circular dichroism a new high  throughput and cost saving technique.

The EKKO™ also saves lab space with a footprint one fourth of conventional CD instruments with autosamplers.

Enantiomeric Excess (ee) measurements


The EKKO™ fills the need for high throughput screening in asymmetric  synthesis to get enantiomeric excess values (ee) rapidly. Parallel  synthesis is performed in the microplate. Enantiomeric excess can then  be determined directly in the microplate without transferring solutions  to another system. It offers an effective alternative to HPLC with no  need to separate enantiomers, and by avoiding elution of solvent. Ten to  one hundred times higher throughput is reasonable to expect from  EKKO™ compared to alternative instruments and conventional CD  instruments. It is the perfect tool to find and qualify enantiomerically  enriched compounds rapidly.

EKKO™ can measure spectra from far  UV, enabling high throughput screening of protein structures, and  development of biotherapeutics. The EKKO™​ is also suited for late stage  research and QA/QC labs requiring high throughput.


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Enantiometic excess (ee) values for asymmetric synthesis catalysis

Biotherapeutic development

High Order structure determination

Formulation optimization



 CD High Throughput Screening (185-880 nm)

96 well plate reading < 2 minutes

Thousands of ee values per hour

Noise floor : as low as 0.05 mdeg (1s)

Extra low operational costs

¼ footprint of a conventional CD with auto-sampler attachment

10 to 100 x faster than HPLC or conventional CD


Detection mode                           Circular Dichroism and absorbance

Measurement mode                  Single wavelength or Spectrum

Microplate format                      96 or 384 well plates

Reading Time                               <2 minutes (96 wells, single wavelength mode)

Minimum volume                        45 ul (96 well plate format)

Wavelength range                      185 - 880nm

Monochromator                          Dual gratings

Wavelength accuracy               +/-0.1nm

Stray light                                         5ppm (200nm)

rms noise                                          +/-0.08 mdeg (200nm, 8s integration time)

                                                                +/-0.02 mdeg (500nm, 8s integration time)

CD range                                           +/-1000 mdeg

Bandwidth                                       2nm

Absorbance precision               0.01 Au

Light source lifetime                  >9000h typical

N2 purge                                           0.5 l/min

Temperature                                   Room temperature