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SpectroLogiX is the exclusive provider of Bio-Logic Science Instruments’ Stopped Flow Mixers and Kinetic Spectrometers to the United States and is the manufacturer of the SpectroLogix JTS-100 Joliot Type Pump Probe Spectrometer.  SpectroLogix is a trusted supplier to the research community in the areas of protein folding, enzyme/substrate interaction, and in-vivo observation of photosynthetic reaction centers. 

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Circular Dichroism, UV-Vis, Absorbance, fluorescence 


Rapid Kinetic Mixers

Stopped Flow, Quench Flow, Freeze Quench

Pump Probe Spectrmeter for photosynthesis applications

Photosynthetic Spectrometers

P700, ECS, Linear and Cyclic Flow, Cytochrome B6F

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